Transponder Battery Replacement Instructions

Testing The Battery

Press the “Push To Test Battery” button located on the lower left-hand side. If the battery still has sufficient voltage remaining the “Green Good” indicator will illuminate green. If the “Green Good” indicator does not illuminate, then the battery no longer has enough voltage to properly operate the transponder and requires replacement.

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Removing The Battery

To remove the battery:

  1. Slide the battery door to the left and remove from the case.
  2. Using a blunt tool such as a common screwdriver, pry the battery up as shown to the right. Remove the battery. Depleted batteries should be recycled per the local regions recycling programs.
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Replacing The Battery

Prior to installing the battery, insure that the replacement battery is a CR2450 or equivalent coin cell.

  1. The battery must be installed with the positive side facing up.
  2. Install the battery door on the transponder and slide the door to the right until fully seated.
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