New Transponders Coming Soon

Toll facilities across California are updating their toll systems and issuing new, smaller transponders featuring new technology mandated by the state.

The 91 Express Lanes anticipates our toll system will be updated by the end of summer. Shortly after that, 91 Express Lanes customers will begin receiving their new transponders by U.S. mail.

Please note:

  • – The new transponders will be accepted at all toll facilities across the state.
  • – While in transition, both the new (sticker) and old (switchable and non-switchable) transponders will be accepted.
  • – The new transponders are smaller, about the size of a standard adhesive bandage, and stick directly on the windshield. 91 Express Lanes account holders will receive a new transponder for each vehicle on their account.
  • – The new transponders are not switchable. If you carpool on express lanes that require a switchable transponder (Metro Express Lanes, Bay Area Express Lanes, soon to include the San Diego 15 Express Lanes), please continue using the switchable transponder you have or request a switchable transponder.
  • – Customers with switchable transponders should mount both the sticker and switchable transponder on their windshield. The toll systems will always use the transponder that provides the greater discount when charging your toll.
  • – The 91 Express Lanes will accept the old switchable and non-switchable transponders, and the new sticker transponders. A switchable transponder is not required on the 91 Express Lanes.

Thank you for your patience while we transition to this new technology.