Enjoy Free Tolls on the 91 Express Lanes

Getting started is easy. Our four account plans are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of travelers. Select an account below and sign up online now. You may also open an account by phone, by mail or in person.

For even more value, open a new account using a credit card and your AAA membership and drive toll-free* for two weeks. Your first week is on us when you open an account using your American Express, Master Card, Visa, or Discover credit card. Get a second week of free tolls by entering your AAA membership number on the new account application when prompted.

* Free tolls are non-refundable and are good only for trips on the 91 Express Lanes. Any tolls charged by other FasTrakTM facilities are the responsibility of the account holder and will be deducted from the customer's prepaid toll balance.

For customers who routinely spend less than $7 in tolls per month per transponder on the
91 Express Lanes

No monthly toll requirements

One-time non-refundable $75 per Transponder enrollment fee.

$75 one time

For customers who take between 2 and 25 one-way trips on the 91 Express Lanes per month.

Customers pay a minimum of $7 in tolls each calendar month for each transponder assigned to their account.

The $7 minimum applies only to tolls on the 91 Express Lanes.

$7 min/mo

For customers who take more than 20 one-way trips on the
91 Express Lanes per month.

$20 per-transponder monthly membership fee.

Receive a $1.00 per-trip discount for all tolled trips on the 91 Express Lanes.

$20 mo + $1 discount/trip

Special access accounts are available for customers who always drive with three or more people in their vehicle, drive a motorcycle, a pure zero-emission vehicle, or have a disabled veteran or disabled person license plate issued by the DMV.

*Except M-F, eastbound, between 4-6pm when a 50% discount is applied.
1 and 2 weeks free does not apply to these accounts

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Free* or 50% discount


One referral equals to a $25 credit.


Bring your transponder to any of our participating establishments and get a great deal!


2 weeks free and 10% off the 91 Express Club plan monthly fee.


If you rideshare all the time you can qualify for the Special Access plan which is free to 50% discounts.