FasTrak® Transponder Requirements

Travel on the 91 Express Lanes Requires a FasTrak® Transponder


The 91 Express Lanes provides fast, safe and reliable travel between the Orange/Riverside County line and the Costa Mesa Freeway (State Route 55). To use the 91 Express Lanes, vehicles must be equipped with a FasTrak® transponder linked to a pre-paid account.

Other toll roads within Orange County use different systems to collect payment in addition to FasTrak®. On the Foothill (State Route 241), the San Joaquin Hills (State Route 73), and the Eastern (State Routes 241, 133 and 261) transportation corridors, the recently introduced ExpressAccounts and One-Time-Toll accounts offer various options for payment settlement and a transponder is not required. Toll rates with FasTrak® accounts are 45 cents to $1.10 lower than these other types of accounts.

This system of toll roads is completely separate from the 91 Express Lanes and the ExpressAccounts and One-Time-Toll accounts do not apply to it.

On the 91 Express Lanes, those with a FasTrak® transponder and a pre-paid account save an average of 30 minutes per trip while traveling in free-flowing lanes for 10 miles without stopping to pay tolls. Transponders are available by mail or in person when signing up for an account for the 91 Express Lanes.


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